A Beautiful Life in Hocking Hills

Policies & Reservation Agreement


Here at A Beautiful Life in Hocking Hills our mission is that you experience just that – and thereby create beautiful memories with friends & family. Speaking of friends, we hope you become one. We have many returning guests and we’d like to add you to that group. We are in the business of facilitating good times, not in policing your time. We realize this policies page may seem daunting, but it is so important that you take the time to read and understand this, not only for the protection of our business and property but even more importantly for everyone’s safety & enjoyment which we take very seriously. So, by reading and following these relatively common sense policies you’ll be ready to relax, disconnect, reconnect, rekindle, & revel in the wonder of these hills & the beauty of family, friendship & fun.

 Age Requirements:

--You must be 18 years of age or older to rent our cabins & cottages. You must be 25 years of age to rent our lodges –The Swank Sinatra, The Humble Peacock & The Lazy Rooster.

--Parents or others may not “absentee” book for others to avoid these age restrictions.


Payment and Deposit:

--At the time the reservation is made, a one night stay will charged to the credit card on file.

--The balance is due 14 days before your arrival and will automatically be charged to the same card

unless previous arrangements have been made.

--Our lodges (The Swank Sinatra, The Lazy Rooster & The Humble Peacock) require a refundable damage deposit equal to one night’s stay at rack rate (promotional discounts do not apply to deposit). This deposit must be in the form of a cashier’s or personal check. This check must be received 30 days before scheduled arrival and made payable to Dewberry Cottages. An NSF fee will be charged for any checks that don’t clear. If your deposit check is not received by the due date we will attempt to contact you, but if we are not successful in reaching you, your reservation will be canceled without refund. The deposit is fully refundable after check out upon a clear inspection of your cabin and will be returned by mailed check.



--Cancellations occurring with more than 30 days notice will receive a full refund of their deposit

less a $75.00 cancellation fee. There is no refund for cancellations occurring within 30 days of

the date of arrival.

--Only the guest named on the rental agreement may cancel or make changes to a reservation. A

no-show is an automatic forfeiture of charges.



--Any stay that includes a Friday or Saturday will charged a two night stay at the weekend rate.

--Any holiday stay requires a 3 night minimum at the holiday rate.

--A reservation for any special that is advertised as call in only cannot be made online or adjusted afterwards.



--Occupancy is based on number listed on rental agreement and any additional persons (adults or

children) found staying above the number on the signed agreement will result in charge of

$100/additional guest.

--We do not permit visitors or parties. The only people permitted on property are those registered as guests. Due to fire codes and insurance policies, violation of this rental term may result the rental party being asked to leave without refund. Our additional person charge is very reasonable so please avoid this issue by contracting for the accurate number of guests. Guests that should be included in the count are anyone three years of age or older.

--We do not allow house parties. If you are renting for a special occasion that includes a group

such as a family reunion, a work retreat, a bridal, bachelor/bachelorette celebration etc. we require knowledge of the event and will include this on your rental agreement.

--We ask that all groups be respectful of other guests in neighboring cabins as well as local residents by maintaining a reasonable level of noise which includes music and outside conversation.



--Renter agrees to assume all responsibility for an accident, injury or damage that may result in or about the premises, to persons or property including those of renter’s guests. The renter agrees that the owner and its agents shall not be held liable, or responsible for such injury, accident, or damage. Renter assumes the risk involved with the use of the hot tub, swimming pool, pond and any and all other rental facilities and agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the Owner and its agents from any and all claims and liability of any nature which may arise by reason of the use of the same renter or others using the same during renters occupancy. Renter assumes responsibility of all guests during the reservation time.


Check-in/Check-out Policies:

--Check-in time is 3:30 PM or after. We do not allow early check in without prior arrangements-

please do not try to make these arrangements the day of, it will not be approved. Please do not

arrive before 3:30 as our staff will be in your unit preparing for your stay.

--Check-out time is no later than 11:00 AM.  Late check outs must be approved. Please do not

request a late check out the morning of your departure unless you have checked our online calendar and there is no incoming reservation scheduled. If there is not an incoming reservation you may contact the office and pay for a late check-out or add an additional night at that time. Any guests staying over for any length of time without approval will be charged an hourly rate of $50 per hour beginning at 11 AM.



--All guests are required to leave the premises in a clean, undamaged condition. The booking party

assumes all liability in regards to any damages to the cabin during their stay and are responsible

for the guests staying with them. Any cleaning fees, damages or missing item charges by any

guest will be assumed by the booking party. Inventory is taken before your arrival and upon

your departure and any items found missing, moved to another cabin or damaged will result in

additional charges.

--Excessive cleaning, both inside and outside your cabin will result in a $45 an hour cleaning fee. This can include but is not limited to:

*Trash that is not bagged in the trash bags provided in your cabin and put in proper receptacles.

*Clean up of bodily fluids or matter of any kind. If someone in your cabin has become ill and

you require the use of cleaning supplies or disposable towels not in your cabin, you may call us

and we will provide them for your use. If you use the towels or linens that are left for general

use for this, the cost of those items will be billed to you as they will need to be replaced.

*Carpet, curtain, or surface cleaning beyond normal means.

*Laundering or air purification due to smoking, or evidence of smoking in the cabin.

--Damages can include, but are not limited to:

*Damage to the septic system due improper disposal of restricted items.

*Damage to hot tub, hot tub cover, or excessive sanitation required on hot tub due to improper use. Please see hot tub section for further rules on hot tub use.

*Any damages to the property, furniture, or any amenity that provides a use or is decorative, will

result in charges. If a cabin is rendered unrentable due to damages, cleaning or missing items that are necessary to make it rent-ready, charges for days out of commission may be applied.

--Any fees for such damages will be taken from the refundable deposit if one was required, and any remainder returned. If damages exceed the amount of the deposit, the difference will be billed to the credit card on file. For units not requiring an additional deposit, damages, excessive cleaning fees or missing items will be billed to the credit card on file. The booking guest agrees to this, and will be provided a list of fees, damages and/or missing items with amounts to repair/replace the items upon request.



--We do not offer refunds for issues relating to inclement weather, utility outages, or amenity

malfunctions, including the hot tub, as these things are beyond our control. We make every

effort to perform regular maintenance upon these items to ensure good working order for all

amenities. Please notify management as soon as possible if you experience an issue.

--We reserve the right to move any guest to a comparable, or upgraded cabin should an

unavoidable problem occur in the specific cabin rented.

--If a maintenance issue occurs prior to your check in and we are aware of it, we may move you to

a comparable or upgraded cabin and will attempt to contact you before your arrival. Please leave

current contact information with your reservation.


Pets --You love your dogs, we love ours, and I’d bet we’d really like yours too – that’s exactly why most of our cabins are dog friendly. However, not everyone shares our dog-eared devotion so adhering to the following polices is imperative:

-- There is a $25 fee per dog in our pet friendly cabins. Dogs must be registered in the rental agreement. --You must clean-up after your dog both inside & out. The fee does not cover this and any necessary clean-up by our crew will result in excessive cleaning fees.

--We ask that you don’t allow dogs on the furniture, however, you may bring your own sheet or blanket to cover the furniture, but please make certain your dog remains on this covering.

--A fee of $150 will be applied to any unregistered dogs found to be on property.

– Dogs who roam away easily should be leashed at all times when outdoors. Free roaming dogs must remain attended and close to owner while outside cabin. This is for the consideration and safety of all guests and pets, including your own as we sometimes have coyotes in outlying areas.

--We allow service animals, with proper documentation provided to us prior to check in. Registered service animals will not acquire a pet fee with the proper paperwork.


Smoking Policy:

--Smoking is not permitted in any cabin. Evidence of smoking in cabin, including odor, will result

in a $150.00 cleaning fee. Smoking is permitted outside only and you must maintain proper

cigarette disposal in the receptacles provided.


Hot Tub Usage-- hot tubs will be inspected and sanitized before and after each rental. Please follow these policies as they are strictly enforced for the safety and enjoyment of all guests.

--Guests should shower before and after usage of the hot tub because some lotions, soaps, etc., may cause a skin rash when mixed with the hot tub chemicals. If any residue from such items as soaps, bath products, lotions, oils, food, alcohol, etc. is found in the tub, the guest will be charged a cleaning fee minimum of $100.00.

--Please don’t sit or stand on hot tub covers. Damage to any cover will result in a $500.00 charge. --Please don’t smoke in the hot tubs.

--Please don’t change the hot tub settings or randomly push buttons. Even though you may have some familiarity w/hot tubs, they are all different and changing the settings could result in damage to the hot tub or putting it into a mode that is not optimal for your enjoyment.

--Covers should remain over the hot tub and on lifts at all times when not in use.

--Absolutely no children or pets allowed in hot tubs. Evidence of animals in hot tub during or after stay will result in a minimum cleaning fee of $100.

--These items are not permitted in hot tubs: Bubbles or oils of any kind, glassware, including glass bottles, cigarettes/cigars/pipes, flower petals, decorative items of any kind including floating candles, etc.

--Guest understands that there are health risks associated with the use of hot tubs and they agree to

use them with discretion, at their sole responsibility, and by following any posted instructions.

Hot tubs are expensive to repair – please keep this in mind and follow all rules. We clean and

chemically sanitize all hot tubs prior to each guest arrival; therefore, we assume no responsibility

for any occurrence associated with hot tub usage.


Fireplaces-- If your cabin is equipped with a wood burning fireplace or stove please use caution and common sense:

--Assure that flues are open.

--Use only from October through March.

--Use only appropriately sized, seasoned wood do not use trees on the property either living or dead.

--Do not touch hot surfaces of wood burning stoves or place objects on top of, or close to. Always use the screen to prevent sparks. Indoor fireplaces are to be used to create atmosphere and ambiance

only, as all cabins have a furnace for heating purposes.

--For safety considerations all wood burning fires should be extinguished and/or gas fireplaces should be turned off while guests are asleep. After fire has cooled please remove all ashes & charred wood and dispose of properly. Misuse of fireplaces can result in chargeable damages.


Fire Pits:

--Please contain outdoor fire to the designated fire pit.

-- Do not leave fire unattended. Use caution especially around children. Children under 16 must be supervised by adults.

--Use of an accelerant is not permitted. Do not remove hot ashes or coals from your fire pit. Do not throw cans, bottles or other trash in fire pits. Do no leave fire to burn out on its own- guests are responsible for properly extinguishing fires.


Lake, Ponds, & Pools:

--There is no lifeguard. Children are not permitted on docks, paddle boats or in the water without adult supervision at all times. Swimming is at the guest’s own discretion. Ice skating is not permitted. Lake and ponds are communal and may be used by any guests, and all guests assume liability for risks and injuries.

--Fishing is catch and release ONLY. There will be a 200.00 charge for harvesting any fish.

--Paddle boats may be used by any guests. Please do not stand in paddle boat once it is in the water. Please use caution when operating, entering and exiting. Surfaces may be wet and slippery.

--Paddle boats should be returned to the dock that they were found, either tethered or beached securely.

--Pools may be used by only those guests staying at the cabin. THERE IS NO LIFEGUARD. Children must be supervised at all times.

--Pool must be accessed with an electronic code which will be given to the booking party. Please do not allow anyone under 18 access to this code.

--Please do not consume alcohol while in the pool. Please remove any food, beverage or other trash from deck and pool area upon leaving.

--No jumping or diving in pool. There is a pool safety sheet posted in your cabin if you have access to a pool. Please read it and discuss it with your children.


Tents / Temporary Structures:

--We do not allow the erection of tents or temporary structures including mobile homes or pop-up

campers without prior approval. The cabin occupancy limits are as posted for each cabin and

cannot be increased by tents, campers, etc.



--Hunting is prohibited on all of our properties.

--Firearms may not be discharged on property

--The use of fireworks is prohibited.


Motorized Recreational Vehicles:

--We do not allow motorized recreational vehicles to be used on the grounds. This includes quads,

dirt bikes, go carts, etc.

--If you are traveling with the intention of using these, not all cabins can accommodate proper parking. Please let us know that you intend to bring something that requires additional parking above and beyond a standard vehicle. We will do our best to accommodate.


Pests and the Hocking Hills Environment:

--We perform regular pest control maintenance on all of our cabins. Because the location of our

cabins is in a rural, natural wooded environment, we cannot guarantee that you will not encounter insects or other pests.

--Our area experiences seasonal increases in certain insect/animal activity which can include

Asian beetles, lady bugs, house or horse flies, wasps, bees, mice, etc. If you encounter an insect that looks very much like the common cock roach please don’t be alarmed. Instead please read the informational article about wood roaches located in your cabin which should calm your fears.

--Inclement weather can force pests inside (like the aforementioned wood roach). We do not have control over this and cannot issue refunds due to this. If you encounter a pest issue during your stay, please notify us and we will make every effort to make you more comfortable.

--Please remember that nature is an integral part of the beauty of Hocking Hills and that we will do our absolute best to maintain the balance of human need/comfort within the natural environs.


Lost or Stolen Items:

--We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Guests are recommended to secure their

vehicles and lock their doors when away from their cabins. Guest items which are found will be

returned to our office and held for 30 days from check out. After 30 days, these items will be

properly discarded, with the exception of food & beverage items, which will be disposed of upon cleaning of the cabin.

--You can make arrangements to pick up your item. If you would like the item/items shipped to you there is a 15.00 handling charge plus a minimum 10.00 shipping cost.

--Disclaimer: We respect your privacy, but please be aware that are required by law to turn over any drugs, drug paraphernalia or weapons found after check out to our local police department. Additional charges for proper removal will apply and be charged to the card on file.


--We do not provide refunds or discounts as a result of any weather issues (snow, rain, high winds,

rain, increment hot or cold weather, etc.). Early departures due to weather conditions will not be provided refunds or future stay credits.

--In the winter months, four-wheel drive is highly recommended for driving in this area. We will

not be held accountable for towing or other vehicle charges that guests may incur on our property

due to the weather.

--Services such as internet, cable and electric may occasionally go out due to weather or provider

outages. We will not provide refunds for these issues. If you experience an outage or service

interruption of any kind, please let us know and we will work with the appropriate providers to

remedy the issue as soon as possible and hopefully during your stay.

--For your convenience, there are emergency kits for power outages located in your cabin. These

are to be used only in the event of an emergency. Booking party will be billed for any missing

items, or items used when a power outage did not occur (IE. emergency candles, etc.)


If you experience any issues during your stay, we ask you to notify us immediately so that we can work on correcting the issue and provide you with the right solution. These rules/policies are not meant to curtail anyone’s enjoyment, rather they are in place to ensure that all guests have a safe, enjoyable and relaxing stay with us and can fully enjoy the accommodations and amenities provided.